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Roto NX is synonymous with greater security. The new TiltSafe elements now provide better burglary protection – even when the sash is tilted (burglary resistance class RC 2). The hardware itself is also more secure. It can be used for sashes with a higher load-bearing capacity and this already comes as standard. Maximum reliability and confirmation of the right choice are guaranteed by the high product reliability and the wide product range.



Roto NX is synonymous with greater comfort. The system’s strengths lie in its high level of comfort, simple operation and sophisticated functionality. Roto NX increases room comfort – for example through improved microventilation or the possibility of connecting to the intelligent home system.



Roto NX is synonymous with modern design – it looks great thanks to its shapely covers, noble powder-coated finish and hinge side with concealed screws. Due to its high load-bearing capacity, the system enables modern rooms with large windows to be realised.


Standard fitting

  • Two security strikers as standard.


  • Four anti-theft strikers.
  • Anti-drill handle cover.
  • Handle with key or push-button.


  • Seven anti-theft strikers.
  • Anti-drill handle cover.
  • Handle with key or push-button.
  • Changed handle height

Okucia pic1

Standard hitch

Okucia pic2

Anti-balance hook

Using Roto NX hardware

By using Roto hardware, we can also offer our customers a full range of additional hardware-related solutions such as: Tilt-first and then Turn-Only hardware, stepped sash tilt, handle-operated turn-restrictor, friction-restricted turn-restrictor, balcony latch with handle, balconies with double-sided handle, or the Roto new Turn Plus solution – a controllable sash turn-restrictor.to NX

Roto Designo fitting

Roto Designo is an innovative fitting technology that is completely invisible, built only into the interior of the window, giving a modern simple look.



We offer all available handle models, also in the option with pushbutton, key or Secustik anti-drill protection.

We can paint your new handles in the RAL colour of your choice.

Handle configurator on the Rotoswing website


Electronic security features

In your new windows, there is the possibility of fitting electronic sensors built into the hardware completely invisible from the outside, inside the building, they can work with any system and inform you about

  • Window opening
  • A window left open while an alarm is sounded
  • Switch off the air conditioning/heating/ventilation system when the window is open
  • Raise the external roller shutter when the window is tilted
  • By connecting sensors to a smart home system, only your imagination becomes the limit.