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External blinds

They work more effectively than ordinary curtains or shutters, as their construction creates an air cushion between the window surface and the roller blind’s armouring, which is an excellent insulator.

This means that your home will remain pleasantly cool even when it is hot outside.

If we leave the roller blinds closed all day on a hot day, we can enjoy pleasant coolness and relaxing shade in the evening.


External roller shutters and the energy balance of a building

Did you know that ...

In winter, windows and doors contribute to the loss of up to 25% of heat, and in summer they absorb 60% of sunlight?

In order to save energy in winter and avoid excessive heating of rooms in summer, it is worth using Aluprof external roller shutters.

Aluprof external roller shutters allow you to reduce your energy expenditure all year round by up to 30%.


Rolety Zewnętrzne

Roller shutters protect against excessive sunlight, cold, wind, rain, noise and, to a basic extent, against burglary. Roller shutters can be controlled with switches on the wall or by radio.

Types of mounting of external roller blinds.

Type A1Type A2Type A3Type A4Type A5


Available in RAL and wood-like colours