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The basis of good windows

High stability, energy efficiency, increased property value, a wide range of surface finishes, slim in view frames, easy operation, minimal maintenance and durability. Schüco standard windows provide all these benefits for decades to come.


PVC Windows

Schüco LivIng Alu Inside Plus

Innovative solution with aluminium reinforcement and maximum energy savings.

The Schüco LivIng Alu Inside plastic window system is distinguished by its lack of steel reinforcements and excellent thermal insulation. It uses a unique PVC-aluminium fusion technology, which ensures stability and further reduces heat loss. A key advantage is the inclusion of high-quality aluminium alloy reinforcements inside the profiles. The smooth surface of aluminium reflects a significant proportion of thermal radiation.

  • Window system compliant with the requirements of passive construction with an excellent heat transfer coefficient for the frame Uf from 0.79 W/(m²K).
  • System with central seal and three peripheral sealing planes provides effective protection against wind, rain and cold
  • Increased installation depth guarantees security and protection against burglary

Schüco LivIng Plus

Energy-efficient windows designed with your needs in mind.

The Schüco LivIng system sets new canons in the fields of comfort, safety, energy efficiency and design. With an installation depth of 82 mm and thermal insulation to passive house standard, it meets all the requirements for modern, energy-efficient windows. The new sealing technology provides effective protection against draughts, dampness and noise – for the entire life of the window. Quality “Made in Germany” and burglary resistance up to Class RC 2.

  • 7-chamber window system , 7 chambers in the frame and 7 chambers in the sash
  • Three coats of seal
  • Wide choice of colours and aesthetic variants
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Schüco CT 70

Versatile window system.

The Schüco CT 70 PVC-U window system with high thermal and acoustic insulation is distinguished by its narrow visible profile widths, timeless design and wide range of accessories. Schüco CT 70 windows are available with two sealing surfaces.

  • Good thermal insulation: Frame thermal insulation coefficient Uf from 1.2 W/(m²K)
  • Two sash contour variants (Classic and Rondo) offer design freedom

Various colour and design variants.

schuco ct70

Aluminium windows

Aluron AS110

Maximum thermal insulation.

The Aluron AS 110 aluminium window offers excellent thermal insulation to passive building standards.

  • Five-chamber construction 11cm frame thickness.
  • Unique solution of three aluminium parts separated by two insulators.
  • Above-standard thermal insulation confirmed by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt certificate.


Aluron AS75

High thermal insulation, reliability and versatility of application.

The highly energy-efficient Aluron AS75 window system sets new standards in the thermal insulation of aluminium joinery – without compromising on ease of use or design. The narrow profiles guarantee maximum transparency, making living and working spaces exceptionally bright and full of light.

  • Excellent thermal insulation: Heat transfer coefficient for the reference window Ud=0.67W/mk2
  • Burglar resistance to class RC 3
  • Minimum front profile width 91 mm


Aluron AS80US Hidden Wing

Design in its pure form.

It is designed for single and multi-quarter windows, where the desired aesthetic effect is to achieve a view of the window sash invisible from the outside of the development. All adjacent fixed and opening windows make the view of all quarters the same. The AS 80US system is compatible with all Aluron aluminium systems.

  • Excellent thermal insulation: the heat transfer coefficient for the reference window Ud=0.77W/mk2
  • Unique sash design
  • Minimum profile front width 81mm including sash.