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Schüco LivIngSlide

Comfortable living and exceptional views.

With the Schüco LivIngSlide system, you can let the sunshine into your home and enjoy an exceptionally comfortable living space. With just a few hand movements, new spaces can be opened up. The conservatory connects to the outdoor garden, and the balcony and terrace become an extension of the living space. Discover the numerous possibilities opened up by the Schüco LivIng range of lift and slide doors and see how they help to realise individual architectural concepts – in new or existing buildings.

  • Specially developed technology ensures maximum energy efficiency and a frame thermal transmittance of Uf = 1.3 W/(m2K)
  • Increased property value through RC2 burglar resistance
  • Optimum sound insulation for added comfort

Aluminium patio doors

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Aluron AS178H

Much larger size and Lightweight Sash Handling than PVC.

The highly thermally insulated Aluron AS178HI sliding and lift-and-slide door system eliminates barriers to passage, provides a slimline appearance and high comfort.

It allows the realisation of elegant patio doors to passive building standards for sustainable and customised architecture.



The centre post is only 25mm wide. The frame can be completely built into the wall and floor.
The Corvision Plus sliding system (Panorama Design) allows large-format glazing with maximum transparency to be realised. It is distinguished by minimal profile front widths and a frame concealed in the building structure.

In addition to its design, the aluminium sliding door convinces with its excellent thermal insulation up to and including passive house standard. The automatic drive and the locking technology integrated in the profile increase user convenience.